​Digital X-rays

​Digital X-rays - The safest form of medical imaging

​X-rays are an important tool in providing the best dental care, but we understand that questions still remain about the safety of X-rays and radiation exposure.  We hope to answer a few of your questions here.  

Are X-ray's dangerous to my health?

​The primary concern to one's health regarding x-rays is radiation.  However, digital x-rays use 90% less radiation than conventional film x-rays, which is less radiation exposure you receive from the sun each day.  ​​​​

​​What are digital x-rays and how do they work?

​Digital x-rays are a computer imaging system that use an electronic sensor instead of x-ray film to produce sharp, clear images on a computer screen.  This is done by placing a very small sensor over your tooth that transfers the image to the computer for the dentist to use to diagnose treatment options.​​​

​Facts about Digital X-rays

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    ​90% less radiation than conventional x-rays
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    ​Quicker processing
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    ​Lowers cost of x-ray imaging
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    ​Most dentists don't ​offer them

digital x-rays give off less radiation